Victory Theatre Video Art
Various artists
Curated by Colby Cannon Welsh
Anita’s Way, Times Square
137 West 42nd Street, New York, NY
October 18 – October 20, 2016

Chashama Gala
Various artists
Frank Gehry’s Condé Nast Cafeteria
4 Times Square, New York, NY
June 8, 2016

Break the Floor
Mary Anderson, Joeun Aatchim, Caleigh Birrell, Chris Blue, Evan Harden, Kathryn Kendall, Dorothy lam, ZiHong, Molly Lambe, Maya Misra, Sawyer Mitchell, Tajh Rust, Arielle Stein, Julie Stopper, Hu Wei
April 30, 2016

Not Here, Nor There
Joseph Anderson, Mary Anderson, Caleigh Birrell, Evan Harden, Cherry Kim, Molly Lambe, Sawyer Mitchell, Natyna Osbourne, Liya Rechtman, Arielle Stein, Julie Stopper, Morgan Thomas, Peter Valenti, Kate Weigel, William Wheeler
White Toy Box, Brooklyn, NY
May 8, 2015

Caleigh Birrell, Stoyan Aleksandrov (Scribble), Ross Decker
This Ain’t Music, www.thisain’, Berlin, Germany
December 3, 2014

Michael George, Malcolm Brown, Caleigh Birrell
No Home Gallery, Vandervoort Studios, Brooklyn, NY
November 8, 2014

On the Half Shell: BFA Thesis Show
Karina Muranaga, Jaclyn Levy, Wally Ludel, Gene Woo Kim, Caleigh Birrell, Alex Russi, Wenhao Song
The Commons Gallery and The Rosenberg Gallery, NYU, New York, NY
April 30 – May 2, 2014

JUST 12 //
Masha Afonina, Lisa Amundsen, Rebekah Birkan, Chelsea Birns, Caleigh Birrell, Gene Woo Kim, Jacyln Levy, Itamar Lilienthal, Karina Muranaga, Arielle Stein, Caroline Valdes, Dennis Witkin
The Rosenberg Gallery, NYU, New York, NY
November 13, 2013

Black Janice 008
Mario Miron, Henry Andersen, Caleigh Birrell, Ross Decker
May 25, 2013

Black Janice 007
Lorna Mills, Clara Cortés García, Caleigh Birrell, Ross Decker, Imri Kahn, Eve Survilo
May 18, 2013

Black Janice 006
Caleigh Birrell, Ross Decker, Moshik Hayman, Imri Kahn, Logan Criley
Black Janice
May 11, 2013

Black Janice 005
Caleigh Birrell, Ross Decker, Dustin Evans, Imri Kahn
Black Janice
May 4, 2013

Berlinische Galerie
Various artists
Berlinische Galerie, Berlin, Germany
May 3, 2013

Black Janice 004
Caleigh Birrell, Sydney Smith, Ross Decker
Black Janice
April 27, 2013

King Size Presents: Live VJ Set
April 25, 2013

Black Janice 003
Oscar Rohleder, Jolly O Rogers, Caleigh Birrell, Ross Decker
Black Janice
April 20, 2013

Black Janice 002
Caleigh Birrell, Ross Decker
Black Janice
April 13, 2013

Black Janice 001
Caleigh Birrell, Ross Decker
Black Janice
April 6, 2013

Solo Exhibition
Idyllwild Artisans Gallery
May-June, 2010